Part 2 - The Story

Some conclude that sin came by some mere disobedience such as eating an apple or some other fruit that God told Adam and Eve not to eat. The story goes that a Father had two children, Adam and Eve. Father told the children that they could eat of any tree in the Garden of Eden for all of the trees were good for food, but there was one tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that they were not to eat of, for if they did, they would surely die. One day, while alone in the Garden, a “snake” talked Eve into eating from that tree. She in turn gave some fruit to Adam. After eating of this tree, the children were afraid and hid themselves from their Father.

This means every baby born blind; every murder, adultery, heartache, pain, sorrow and death was brought about by the original sin.

The Father’s judgment was that the children would experience all kinds of sorrow, pain and death. Really? They would die for eating an apple or some kind of fruit? What a dreadful story. What awful consequences for eating from a tree. The story continues that one day in the future, this loving Father would send some of his children to hell to burn in a lake of fire.

Whatever happened in the garden caused all of the sin, sorrow, pain and death experienced in the world.This means every baby born blind; every murder, adultery, heartache, pain, sorrow and death was broughtabout by the original sin.Think of it! This sin caused mankind’s expulsion from Eden’s paradise where everything was perfect. To redeem us from this sin it would even necessitate the death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. What was the original sin? It had to be an awful deed for this kind of severe and terrible punishment to be meted out by a holy and righteous God. Surely it was more than eating an apple or something similar from a tree.

The search for the answer to this question has led a few to believe unscriptural and ridiculous thoughts such as Eve had sex with the devil or Eve had sex with a snake. While these thoughts are obviously not true, how can one believe that a snake could talk as depicted in many of the pictures and stories concerning the original sin? A talking snake sounds too much like a fable from Greek mythology. We are not to believe cunningly devised fables as all truth must have its source from the Bible.

The truth of the original sin is not something new. Originally, it was a truth spoken by Moses in Genesis; we will discover it is also a New Testament belief. John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus, the Apostle Paul and the Apostle John all believed and taught this basic but Biblical truth.


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