The Godhead - Part 1

There are three main denomination beliefs on the Godhead. The three most common beliefs about the Godhead today are as follows:

  1. Trinity Doctrine
  2. Oneness Doctrine
  3. Twoness Doctrine


Which of these teachings do you embrace?

1. The Trinity Doctrine


Premise: Three persons in one God, sharing the same powers, occupying three thrones in heaven.

Discrepancy in the doctrine: Three personalities = three Gods. This belief breaks the very first commandment of God which says, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me". Revelation 4:2 states that there is only "one throne" in heaven. How can three persons be one God?

2. The Oneness Doctrine


Premise: Jesus the man is all three 
(Father, Son and Holy Ghost)

Discrepancy in the doctrine:
 If Jesus is the Father, why did Jesus pray to the Father if He is already His own Father? Why did He cry at the cross, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?"  Was Jesus just acting it out? Obviously not.

3. The Twoness Doctrine


Premise: There are two Gods: The Eternal Father and Eternal Son; making the Holy Spirit just a messenger of the two.

Discrepancy in the doctrine:
 A ‘Son” is ‘begotten’. The word “Sonship” signifies a 'beginning'. There is no such thing as "eternal son". The word 'eternal' means no beginning and no end.


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