The Godhead - Conclusion

William Branham never taught us TWO OR THREE PERSONS in a one ONE GOD. William Branham taught us that there are THREE "MANIFESTATIONS" OR "THREE OFFICES" of the ONE GOD, but not TWO or THREE PERSONS in ONE GOD. The "Fatherhood" is an office, the "Sonship" is an office, and the "Holy Ghost" is an "office". Yet God is all of them. You can't cut God in TWO or THREE PIECES and give Him to a Jew. The Jews always believed in only One God as was stated in the First Commandment that was given to them by God through their prophet Moses. Yet they missed seeing that that One God came down and manifested Himself in a human flesh. That's why they could not believe in Jesus when He said, "I and My Father are ONE".

The teaching of multiple gods came from Pagan Greek and Pagan Roman Empire (Zeus, Jupiter, Hermes, Venus, Mercury, etc) and was adopted by the Roman Catholic Church, and by most of the Protestant churches today.

Yet God is not ONE like your finger is one, as the ONENESS GROUP of people teaches it. The ONENESS denomination makes Jesus the MAN as the Father also. William Branham said it could not be. JESUS was the BODY-FLESH of GOD called the SON, while the FATHER was the indwelling SPIRIT dwelling inside that Body. God could not die in the Spirit, so he created a BODY for Himself in order to redeem us from our sins. "For without the shedding of BLOOD, there is no remission of sins." A Spirit could not die, so God made Himself a human body and wrapped Himself into it. That's the mystery of the Godhead. Yet that does not mean that Jesus the flesh is NOT God just because He died. Jesus was both God and man. He was the first of His kind. But we will be like Him after this corruptible body has put on incorruption and this mortality has put on immortality, for Jesus is the firstborn amongst many brethren. The mystery of Godliness is this, "For without controversy, God was manifested in FLESH" (Read 1 Tim 3:16).

Man needs to get the exact revelation about the Godhead or else he will fall into serving a God he personally does not know.


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